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Opportunity for greater tenant engagement

Posted by on 8 November 2022 | Comments

Babergh and Mid Suffolk councils have approved a new Tenant Engagement Strategy which will give tenants more opportunity to be involved in decisions about their homes.

The councils’ Tenant Engagement Strategy sets out how the councils will engage with its tenants, giving them the platform to share their views about what suits them best.

This will give tenants an active role in the housing service they receive, letting them influence decisions that affect the council’s strategic housing priorities.

With the aim of increasing engagement and giving everyone a stronger sense of community, the strategy will ensure that everyone can hold the councils to account as their landlord and have a place they are proud to call their home.

It will also challenge the stereotypes and stigma often associated with being a council or social housing tenant.

The councils have also introduced several new surveys that will give tenants the opportunity to share their experience of the councils as a landlord – allowing the councils to understand what we are doing well and what we can do to improve services for them.

Brighton-based researchers, Acuity have been appointed to carry out surveys on behalf of the councils with tenants who have received a service from Babergh or Mid Suffolk, via a telephone call, email or text.

Cllr Jan Osborne, Babergh District Council’s cabinet member for housing, said:

“It is essential that we have a better understanding of what our tenants need and the issues that are important to them. We need to ensure that we engage with them in a meaningful way, that offers a sense of place and gives them pride in their homes and neighbourhoods.”


Cllr Lavinia Hadingham, Mid Suffolk District Council’s cabinet member for housing, said:

“A home is somewhere you can be comfortable and feel secure. It is important that our tenants know that their homes are more than just assets to us and that what they have to say about their homes and neighbourhoods is important to us.”

Telephone and online surveys will be carried out with tenants on a monthly basis on tenants who have received or requested one of the councils’ key services; moving into one of our homes, reporting a repair, or making an anti-social behaviour complaint.

There will also be an annual tenant satisfaction survey carried out in line with the Government's new tenant satisfaction measures.  The results of these surveys and any action plans associated with them will be published on the councils’ website for transparency and to allow our tenants to hold us to account on our performance in these areas.