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Home > News > Vision for Prosperity 5-Year Action Plan for Stowmarket

Vision for Prosperity 5-Year Action Plan for Stowmarket

Posted by on 14 June 2018 | Comments

The Stowmarket Vision for Prosperity 5-Year Action Plan will be launched as part of the Stowmarket Society’s Civic Day celebrations. A one-day drop-in session will be held on Saturday 16th June in the former Nat West building, Market Place, Stowmarket. From 10am until 3pm. Members of the public are invited to attend and see the 5-Year Action Plan and the innovative projects that are being proposed to help improve the town and boost the local economy.

Councillor Nick Gowrley, Leader of Mid Suffolk District Council said “We really want to bring people together in support of this vision. There are millions of pounds worth of projects happening in Stowmarket which will help to put the town on the map as a key destination in the region. We want to encourage more people to visit and set up businesses in our town, which will bring more investment, more growth, more facilities and more prosperity for families who live in the area.”

The 5-Year Action Plan has been developed from the consultation that was carried out in 2017 seeking views on how Stowmarket should evolve. The Stowmarket Vision for Prosperity 5-Year Action Plan has been developed in collaboration with a wide range of delivery partners from Suffolk County Council to community groups. Partner organisations include New Anglia LEP, Suffolk Chamber of Commerce, Stowmarket Town Council - and most importantly - members of the public.

The 5-Year Action Plan:

  • Demonstrates the investment that is already being made in Stowmarket
  • Brings together the major projects that work together to ensure Stowmarket’s long-term future as the main centre in the District. 
  • Makes commitments to deliver and invest in the town, and our work with partners to ensure that they come to fruition.
  • Paves the way for more projects – such as the Town Centre Regeneration – which will see more being done improve the town centre user experience.

Cllr Gerard Brewster, Cabinet Member for the Economy said “While there is a strong economic focus to the proposals, there are social and cultural projects such as sports development and new schools. There are also a range of projects that will enhance the environment including tree planting schemes, and riverside wildlife habitat improvements. Of course, infrastructure is the backbone of growth, so part of the funds we’ve committed we’re also looking at ways to develop public transport, cycling and walking options – particularly where it helps residents from the villages access Stowmarket in sustainable way.”

The Vision has support from the Region’s key bodies such as New Anglia Local Enterprise Partnership, Suffolk Chamber of Commerce and Suffolk County Council, and is seen as a major step forward in unlocking Stowmarket’s potential. The aim is to ensure a good quality of life for the local community in an attractive environment, to create a vibrant visitor destination, and attract new business and leisure opportunities into the town.

After Saturday’s drop-in, the Council will also visit some of the larger surrounding villages to promote the Vision and to move in to the next stage of developing projects.