CIL Guidance

 The Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) is a new levy that local authorities can charge on developments in their area.

The purpose of CIL is to encourage local development, and make sure the region's infrastructure can cope with new homes and businesses being built.

CIL is payable on permitted development, as well as planning permission development once the development has started.

The relevant legislation is the Community Infrastructure Regulations 2010 (as amended).

CIL is managed through the exchange of statutory notices.

Overview diagram of the CIL process

CIL quick guide

Appeals process

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Please note that as of the 1 April 2019, pre-application advice for CIL is a charged service. You can find out more information on our pre-application webpages

Important reminders:

  • Failure to submit a Form 6: Commencement Notice and give a minimum of one days notice of commencement, will result in the loss of the right to pay CIL by instalments. The CIL charge will be payable immediately. Late payment interest will also accrue at a daily rate. 

  • If the first liability notice for your development was issued prior to 1 September 2019 and you are granted an exemption, you must submit a Form 6: Commencement Notice at least one day prior to commencing works. If you don't, you will lose your exemption and the CIL Charge will be payable immediately and in full. Late payment interest will accrue until the charge has been paid in full.

  • If:

    • the first liability notice for your development was issued after 1 September 2019
    • you have been granted an exemption
    • you do not submit a Form 6: Commencement Notice to us  at least one day before the day you start your development

you will receive a surcharge to the value of 20% of the CIL charge that would have been payable, or £2,500 (whichever is lowest). Your exemption will remain in place.

  • Please remember it is quicker to send in CIL notices by email and looking out for our acknowledgement to these.

  • Exemptions and relief claims can only be made if liability has been assumed through the submission of a Form 2 (or Form 5 for permitted development).

If you have any questions please contact us by telephone on 01449 724563 or email the Infrastructure Team.