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Pre Application Paper Enquiries

For planning and related matters you can request written advice, an office meeting or on-site appointment with an officer using the form below. Please note enquiries with Heritage are on-site only and we do not offer written advice for this department.

Pre Planning enquiry form

To make a pre-application enquiry it is recommended that you use the enquiry form and provide the information requested by uploading this. However, if this is not possible you can write to the Planning Department for our new charged pre app service.   

What do I need to provide?

All enquiries need to include:

  • Your name and contact details, preferably including your email address
  • The full postal address of the site you are enquiring about
  • A full description of the proposed development
  • The service you require; written response, meeting, or appointment on site
  • Which, if any, consultee services you require
  • Which, if any, add on activities you require
  • A Site plan with the site outlined in red

You should also include

  • A Sketch plan or draft of the proposed development
  • Photographs of the site, if possible indicating the area of the proposal
  • A layout plan
  • Any accompanying reports

Please provide as much information as possible, as this will help the officer assess the details of your proposal and allow us to provide more detailed advice for you. 

For proposals to extend or alter a house, sketch drawings and photographs will usually be sufficient, but should be clear on exactly what you are proposing, for example: a two storey side extension on the western side of the property. 

The amount of information submitted should be proportionate to the scale of development you are proposing.

All information submitted needs to be accurate, complete, and clear. It is important to emphasise that the quality of the advice we can give depends on the quality of the information you submit.

The intention is to ensure you are in as strong a position as possible to address all the relevant planning issues prior to the submission of any application, and that you are aware of the information required to accompany your application, so that it can be validated on receipt. 

The final decision on formal planning applications is made by Development Control Committee or the Corporate Manager – Growth and Sustainable Planning and is made in accordance with planning policy and following detailed consideration of all representations received as part of the planning application process. Therefore, whilst pre-application advice is given in good faith by officers and in a professional manner, there can be no guarantee that a planning application will be determined in accordance with any pre-application advice given.