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Application Process Details

For planning and related matters you can request written advice, an office meeting or on-site appointment with an officer using the form below. Please note enquiries with Heritage are on-site only and we do not offer written advice for this department.

Pre Planning enquiry form

What happens to my enquiry?

We will acknowledge a valid pre-application enquiry by email or letter within two working days of its receipt. We will also let you know if you need to provide any further information or if the fee you have paid is not correct.

Your enquiry will not be progressed until we have all the necessary information and the correct fee. If a cheque payment is not honoured, officer work on the enquiry will stop until payment has been received.  A planning officer of an appropriate seniority relative to the nature and complexity of the proposed development will then be allocated your enquiry.  They will be your primary point of contact and will co-ordinate any necessary consultations with other parties, if requested, before arranging a meeting, if requested, and providing you with a written response. 

What we will provide

We will consider your proposal and discuss it with you at a meeting, or appointment on site, if requested.  In all cases we will provide a written response. 

Our written response will express an opinion on the likelihood of planning permission being granted for your proposal. In doing so, we will highlight any relevant issues, which may include the following, if relevant to the site and proposal (although this list is not exhaustive): 

  • Whether your proposal is likely to be acceptable in terms of national and local planning policies
  • Site specific designations or constraints (for example, conservation area)
  • Impact on neighbour amenity
  • The design of the proposal, including appearance, massing, height, and density
  • Impact on highway safety, particularly access and parking issues
  • Flooding and surface water drainage
  • Contaminated land
  • Ecological considerations
  • Whether a planning obligation will need to be completed and the matters it will need to cover
  • Details required to be submitted with any application

Where a proposal is not likely to be supported we will let you know why the proposal is unacceptable and inform you if there are any changes that could be made to make the proposal more acceptable.