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Pre Application Timescales

For planning and related matters you can request written advice, an office meeting or on-site appointment with an officer using the form below. Please note enquiries with Heritage are on-site only and we do not offer written advice for this department.

To ensure you receive a timely response it is essential that you submit accurate and complete information to enable officers fully to understand your proposal. 

The Council is committed to deciding submitted planning applications within the Government’s target timescales.  This remains our priority. Nevertheless, our target is to provide a written response to pre-application enquiries in accordance with the following timescales: 

We expect send out the acknowledgement of a valid pre-application enquiry within two working days of its receipt.  

Written Responses

For written responses the targets are a response to be sent out within:

  • Householder - 14 days
  • 1-9 dwellings - 21 days
  • 10-49 dwellings - 28 days
  • 50-200 dwellings - 28 Days

Meetings and Site Appointments

For meetings and site appointments we aim to make initial contact within 3 days of the validation date to organise a mutually convenient meeting date. 

The meeting or site appointment should be organised within 24 days of the validation date.  We will offer as many alternative meeting dates as possible, however there may be cases when we cannot agree a mutually convenient meeting within this timescale.  We will do everything we can to offer meetings within this timescale but it may take longer in some cases. 

Following a meeting we will provide a written response, the targets for the response to be sent out are:

  • Householder, 1-9, and 10-49 dwellings – 7 days after the meeting
  • 50-200 dwellings – 14 days after meeting

There will be occasions when the above timescales cannot be met – for example, when responses are awaited from consultees, or at times of very heavy workloads.  In these circumstances, we will keep you advised of progress and the reasons for any delays and work to ensure that you receive a written response at the earliest opportunity.