Diss & District Neighbourhood Plan

Diss Town Council and the surrounding parishes of Burston & Shimpling, Roydon and Scole (in South Norfolk), and Brome & Oakley, Palgrave and Stuston (in Mid Suffolk) are working together to produce the Diss & District Neighbourhood Plan (the DDNP). When complete, it will be used to help guide and shape future development across the designated plan area.

Officers at South Norfolk Council and Mid Suffolk District Council have also been working collaboratively to support and advise the DDNP Working Group. South Norfolk Council act as the lead local authority.

Latest news...

Reg 16 Submission Consultation (Wednesday 2 November to Friday 16 December 2022)

Diss Town Council (as the ‘qualifying body’) submitted the DDNP and other required documents to both South Norfolk Council and Mid Suffolk District Council in July 2022. The documents have been checked by both planning authorities against the relevant criteria in Schedule 4B of the Town & Country Planning Act 1990 and have now been approved for publication.

In accordance with Regulation 16 of the Neighbourhood Planning (General) Regulations, 2012 (as amended), both local planning authorities are now jointly consulting on the DDNP. The consultation period runs from Wednesday 2 November until 4pm on Friday 16 December 2022.

The full list of submitted documents appears below:

Printed copies of the DDNP have also been made available at a number of locations throughout the designated area. See the Public Notice for details.

Submitting your comments

All comments (preferably using the Response Form) should be sent to South Norfolk Council. You can e-mail these to: neighbourhoodplans@southnorfolkandbroadland.gov.uk

Alternatively, you can post your comments to: 

DDNP Consultation, c/o Place Shaping Team,

South Norfolk Council, 

Thorpe Lodge, 

1 Yarmouth Road, 

Norwich, NR7 0DU

All responses must be received before the consultation deadline. They cannot be treated as confidential and, with the exception of personal details, will be published on both local authority websites. As part of your response, you can also state if you wish to be notified if and when the DDNP is formally adopted by both local authorities.


What can I comment on at this stage?

At this stage you can comment on the submitted plan and its policies.

It is important to remember that the examiner will only be able to recommend changes to the DDNP that are necessary to ensure that it meets the Basic Conditions.  Therefore, you should consider whether the Plan meets those. The submitted Basic Conditions statement sets out how the group considers that they have met these tests.

I commented on this plan at an earlier stage. Do I need to repeat those comments?

Issues raised in response to the pre-submission consultation should be referred to in the Consultation Statement. As a result, the examiner will be aware of these - so you do not need to repeat them.

However, if changes have been made to the DDNP that raise new issues or affect the points you made previously, you might want to send in further comments. All comments made at this stage will be sent on to the independent examiner.

What happens next?

At the end of this consultation period all duly made representations will be sent to the independent examiner. It will be down to them to decide how they wish to proceed. Typically, they will rely upon the written representations, but they could call a public hearing if it is beneficial to do so.

The examiner will consider whether the DDNP meets the basic conditions, or whether further modifications need to be made for it to do so. They will also decide if the DDNP can proceed to a referendum. This will all be set out in their Final Report. 

Visit South Norfolk Council's DDNP webpage (which contains the same consultation information).

Previous stages... 

Reg 15 Submission (July 2022)

The DDNP was submitted to South Norfolk District Council and Mid Suffolk District Council on 15 July 2022. The two Councils worked together to ensure that the relevant requirements had been met at this stage.

Reg 14 Major Modifications Consultation (24 March to 5 May 2022)

The DDNP Working Group carried out a focused six-week consultation on modifications to their pre-submission draft plan. The consultation ended on Thursday 5 May.

Visit the DDNP's website for more information.

Reg 14 Pre-submission Consultation (23 June to 18 August 2021)

Pre-submission consultation on the DDNP ended on 18 August 2021.

Reg 05 Area Designation (23 August 2017)

The DDNP Area was formally designated by South Norfolk Council and Mid Suffolk District Council on 23 August 2017.