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Core strategy consultations

Babergh’s Core Strategy document has evolved over a number of years in response to changes in national and regional planning policy, and through a process of extensive public consultation.

Listed below are previous versions of the Core Strategy document, together with relevant supporting material.


May 2013 - Further Proposed Main Modifications to Submission Draft Core Strategy

(Please refer to the Core Strategy Examination web page for details of this consultation stage)


July 2012 - Proposed Main Modifications to Submission Draft Core Strategy

Publication period: 9th July 2012 to 24th August 2012

Consultation on 32 proposed main modifications to the Submission Draft document relating to a number of updated/new policies, the inclusion of a set of Strategic Land Allocation maps, and publication of the final National Planning Policy Framework in March 2012. 


October 2011 - Core Strategy (2011-2031) Submission Draft


Publication period: 10th October 2011 to 2nd December 2011


To support the Core Strategy we also published a series of Technical Background Documents:


October 2010 - Core Strategy Growth Options

Publication period: 1st October 2010 to 26th November 2010.

In May 2010 the newly elected Coalition Government announced that it was their intention to revoke Regional Spatial Strategies, thereby signalling an end to the adoption of housing and job targets set out in regional plans (i.e. the East of England Plan). Given this new policy steer, the Council decided to review where it was in the Core Strategy preparation process and seek alternate views on growth levels.


April 2009 - Core Strategy Issues & Options

Publication period: 14th April 2009 to 26th May 2009