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May to July 2013 Consultation

In further Proposed Main Modifications,  Examination Hearings sessions closed on Friday 15th March 2013. Having considered the issues raised, the Inspector agreed that further Main Modifications to address the soundness of the Core Strategy were necessary. A public consultation on these modifications was held over a 6-week period, which ran from the 28th May 2013 until 9th July 2013. 

Letter to Council from the Inspector dated 20th May 2013

Schedule of Further Proposed Main Modifications (May 2013)

SA / HRA of Further Proposed Main Modifications (May 2013)

Respondents were reminded that comments must be confined to the Modifications Schedule and SA / HRA documents as published above, and that this consultation did not represent an opportunity to raise other matters which were, or could have been part of the earlier representations or hearings on the submitted plan.

All representations received by the closing date were passed on to the Inspector for his consideration and copies of these (minus any personal contact details) are published below:

List of Respondent Names

Part 1 - Comments from Developers/Agents, Statutory & Non-statutory Consultees

Part 2 - Comments from Members of the Public

Part 3 - Comments from Members of the Public (continued)

Additional Information

The Council published at the same time for guidance / information only a:

  • Schedule of Further Minor Modifications (May 2013) - these being edits / modifications that had already been agreed by the Inspector as changes that would not affect the soundness of the plan but, in the Council's opinion, improve clarity, aid understanding or the accuracy in presentation of the document. 
  • Working Draft Version of Core Strategy (May 2013) - which incorporated the Further Proposed Modifications as they would appear in a final document.