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Previous Updates 2013

11th October 2013 - Core Docs Library list updated to include further evidence documents submitted following the Brantham hearing session. 

18th September 2013 - Details of the (single issue) Brantham Regeneration Area (Main Mod 25) Hearing session published (see here).

17th September 2013 - Core Docs Library list updated with the inclusion of three new documents (L26, L27 & L28).

8th August 2013 - The Inspector's identified Matter (key issues) & Specific Questions (PDF, 60Kb) and updated Guidance Notes (PDF, 130Kb) specific to the Brantham hearing published. The 'Matters' document will form the focus for the hearing session.

26th July 2013 - Inspector gives notification that a further (single issue) examination hearing session is to be convened in respect of the Brantham regeneration proposals (Policy CS6a refers).

10th July 2013 - The 6-week public consultation on Further Proposed Main Modifications to the Core Strategy (see here), and separate consultation on the Government's Household Interim Projection figures, closed today. All comments received were passed on to the Inspector for his consideration. 

April / May 2013 - Updates to the Core Docs Library list published.

25th March 2013 Updated Schedule of Post-submission Proposed Modifications (PDF, 173Kb) published. This replaces the version published last month.

18th March 2013 - Core Docs Library list updated to include, under Section L, several new documents submitted as evidence during the examination hearing sessions. 

28th February 2013 - Updated draft Programme for Hearings (PDF, 134Kb) and Matters, Issues & Questions(PDF, 177Kb) published. These replaces all previous versions. Core Docs Library list updated.

13th February 2013 - Updated draft Programme for Hearings and a first draft Schedule of Post Submission Potential / Proposed Modifications published. 

8th February 2013 - Matters Statements published on Examination Hearings webpage. Core Docs Library updated to include references to various Post-submission evidence documents.

31st January 2013 - Draft Programme for Hearings and updated Matters, Issues & Questions (PDF, 222Kb) documents published. The Inspector has decided to separate question 2 from Matter 2 to create Matter 2a.

23rd January 2013 - Written submissions made in response to the RSS Revocation letter published.

17th January 2013 - Further details of examination process sent to Core Strategy respondents: Letter to Respondents (PDF, 141kb), Guidance Notes (PDF, 122Kb) and draft Matters, Issues & Questions (PDF, 176Kb) - which will form the basis of the examination. An updated version of the Core Document Library list also published, to include a 'track-change' version of Core Strategy which combined the 2011 Submission Draft document and July 2012 Modifications document.

9th January 2013 - The Council receives an Inspectors Letter (PDF, 40Kb) in which he explains that he is happy to proceed without the need for a formal Pre Hearing meeting. See also the Council's Response to the Inspectors letter (PDF, 67Kb)

[Note: Pre Hearing meetings are normally held between the Council and the Inspector following their preliminary assessment of the Core Strategy and other submitted material. The meeting provides the opportunity for both parties to discuss the management of the examination process and, perhaps more importantly, allows the Inspector to flag-up any areas of concern.]