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Brantham Industrial Area PPS

The Brantham industrial area covers some 40 hectares of land in the south of the district and is situated between the River Stour estuary and the village of Brantham.

Adopted in July 2008, then revised in August 2008 in light of representations received during the planning consultation, the Brantham Industrial Area Planning Position Statement provides non-statutory supplementary guidance in relation to the future use and development of the site at a strategic level. The key objectives for the site are: to prioritise the retention of the site for employment purposes and provide a positive and sustainable mixed-use for the site; to comprehensively address the sites future, and to safeguard the various environmental designations by appropriate management.

Brantham Industrial Area Planning Position Statement (Aug 2008)

The statement should be read in conjunction with the Babergh Core Strategy (2014), particularly policy CS10.