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Call for Sites Submissions

The Councils have produced an online map. It provides a transparent record of all previous sites submitted for potential housing or employment allocation in the emerging Joint Local Plan (JLP). 

View BMSDC Public Site Submissions (September 2019)

Please note: It is NOT a list of proposed allocation sites from the Council, and no weight or status whatsoever is attributed to these sites.

It is also NOT a comprehensive schedule of current planning applications. It does not bear any relationship to the likelihood or status of any future planning applications.

A separate planning assessment is being carried out on these sites. Further detail will be published in due course via an updated Strategic Housing & Economic Land Availability Assessment (SHELAA) & JLP.

It is NOT a list of proposed allocation sites from the Council and therefore public comments cannot be made at this time. This will be possible later in the JLP process.

Live and historic planning applications can be searched by using the Councils' Online Public Access system

For further information on SHELAA read the government's Housing and Economic Land Availability Assessment guidance