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Infrastructure Delivery Plan

The Infrastructure Delivery Plan (IDP) has been carried out to inform the emerging Babergh and Mid Suffolk Joint Local Plan (JLP).

It underpins the strategic priorities identified in the JLP. It is important to consider infrastructure needs, to enable sustainable development and growth. A star symbol on the Joint Local Plan policies maps identifies where there are specific infrastructure needs for strategic allocations.


Click on the link to view the IDP.

Babergh and Mid Suffolk Infrastructure Delivery Plan (IDP) - Sept 2020

Navigating the IDP

The term ‘infrastructure’ covers a wide range of facilities provided by public and private organisations. Within this IDP you will find the following infrastructure areas:

  • Education (from page 10)
  • Health (from page 48)
  • Transport (from page 67)
  • Police (from page 95)
  • Emergency Services (page 99)
  • Utilities (from page 100)
  • Digital Connectivity (from page 113)
  • Community Infrastructure (from page 115)
  • Flooding (page 134)
  • Waste (from page 135)
  • Green Infrastructure and Open Space (from page 140)
  • General Aviation Airfields (page 149)

Finding information in the IDP

There are different ways to quickly find information within the IDP. This can be done by using key words within the search tool function (access this function with the Ctrl-F shortcut).

The Ctrl-F shortcut can be used to find key words when viewing the PDF from your browser or from Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Using key words - such as the Town or Parish name that you are interested in - will take you to wherever this Town or Parish is mentioned within the document.

Using the reference of site allocations with the JLP, identified on the policies map with the star symbol, is also useful (for example LA095).


The Appendix A of the IDP consist of lengthy tables listed by infrastructure type (for example Education, Health, Transport, etc.). It shows whether there are any anticipated mitigation projects under that infrastructure type, per town or parish or area.

This Appendix summarises the anticipated mitigation projects that are referred to in the main text and tables of the IDP.