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Joint Town Centre & Retail Study - Sept 2015

Carter Jonas were commissioned in December 2014 by Babergh and Mid-Suffolk District Councils to prepare a new Town Centre and Retail Study for the two Districts.  The final report can be accessed via the link below:


Babergh & Mid Suffolk Town Centre Retail Study (PDF 2.6Mb)



The study supports the strategic priorities of both Councils particularly those relating to the Economy and the Environment and will assist in achieving sustainable and vibrant town centres in both Districts.  It is one of a number of reports and studies dealing with the economic context of the two Districts including an Employment Land Needs Assessment (in preparation) and the Key Sectors and Market Towns Report prepared by Ingham Pinnock Associates in May 2014.


The study provides advice on the opportunities for growth in both retail and other appropriate uses in town centres.  It also provides advice on policies for town centre shopping frontages to ensure that the primary retail function is not diluted.


The study will be used by both authorities to inform retail and town centre policies and proposals for key town centre sites in the new Joint Local Plan for both Districts that is currently being prepared.



Appendix 1: BDC & MSDC Zone Map (PDF 1Mb)

Appendix 2: NEMA Method (PDF 4.5Mb)

Appendix 3: Babergh by Zone (PDF 416Kb)

Appendix 4: Convenience Goods Market Shares  (PDF 641Kb)

Appendix 5: Comparison Goods Market Shares (PDF 889Kb)

Appendix 6a: Sudbury Goad (PDF 144Kb)

Appendix 6b: Hadleigh Goad (PDF 140Kb)

Appendix 6c: Stowmarket Goad (PDF 139Kb)

Appendix 7: Convenience Goods Capacity (PDF 853Kb)

Appendix 8: Comparison Goods Capacity (PDF 760Kb)