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Home > Planning > Pre-application advice > Free Online Planning Guidance > Advice about Commercial Development

Advice about Commercial Development

Works to a business (commercial) site or the creation of a commercial site will usually need planning permission.

Changing the Use of a commercial site

Some changes to the use class of a business site may be carried out without planning permission. This means they are covered under permitted development.

The link below sets out the details of the use Classes (e.g. A1), and the different types of business that might fall within each class. This guide also explains which changes are allowed without planning permission.

Change of Use

Please note some changes of use may not need full planning permission, but still need an application called prior approval.

Pre-Application Advice

If If you have questions, or believe you need planning permission and would like further guidance, please use our Pre-Application Enquiry Form to request formal advice.

Please provide as much information about your proposal as you can. A full list of the details you will need to provide can be found under Pre-Application Documents.


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