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Tree Preservation Orders

A Tree Preservation Order is an order made by a Local Planning Authority (LPA). This order makes it an offence to:

  • cut down
  • top
  • lop
  • uproot
  • wilfully damage or destroy

a tree without the LPA's permission.

The purpose of the Tree Preservation Order is to protect trees that make a significant impact on their local surroundings. 

This is particularly important where trees are in immediate danger of being felled or heavily pruned.

All types of trees can be covered by a Tree Preservation Order (including hedgerow trees). The Tree Preservation Order can cover anything from a single tree to woodlands. 

The Department of Communities and Local Government have produced the Protected Trees: A Guide to Tree Preservation Procedures

The guide is designed to help tree owners, the general public and amenity groups.

It answers some of the most common questions about tree preservation procedures. Please note that this document is for guidance only and is not a statement of the law.

Trees in Conservation Areas

All trees in a Conservation Area are subject to controls. These controls enable the Council to protect the special character of the area created by the trees. This means you may need to notify the Council in order to carry out certain works.

To find out if a particular tree or hedgerow is within a Conservation Area, you can view our interactive map

Read our Trees in Conservation Areas webpage for more information.