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Policy and Performance

In October 2019, the Joint Corporate Plan (2019 - 2027) was agreed by both Cabinets, alongside six strategic priorities.

Corporate Plan

Our Vision

Our vision describes the world we wish to see. Our vision:

'great communities with bright and healthy futures that everyone is proud to call home'

Our Mission

Our mission details our specific part in making our vision a reality. How are we creating the world we wish to see?

Our mission:

'provide strong, proud and inspirational leadership; striving for excellence, and together building great communities for everyone to live, work, visit and invest in'

Our Values

Our values set out the motivation behind the vision, the heart behind the mission and the drive behind our people.

Our values:

  • Our people
  • Our customers
  • Being open and honest
  • Taking ownership
  • Being ambitious

Our strategies

Our strategies describe the tactics we will use to support the delivery of our mission and vision.

We have six strategic priorities - each priority has its own strategy. The six strategic priorities are:

  1. Customer: All our customers are able to access high-quality services and support
  2. Well-being: Families lead active, healthy, safe and independent lives; children have the best start in life and adults manage their own health and wellbeing
  3. Environment: We enjoy, value, enhance and protect our environment
  4. Economy: Our places are known for strong growth in innovation and creativity, for being highly connected and sustainable - with the best skilled workforce across the East
  5. Community: All our communities are attractive, successful and connected places for people to live and work
  6. Housing: All our residents live in affordable and high-quality homes that enable them to build settled, safe and healthy lives

Our strategic landscape

Our strategic landscape shows how our six strategic priorities work alongside enablers of change, and organisational health measures, to deliver our Joint Corporate Plan.

Babergh Mid Suffolk strategic framework image

Download our strategic landscape as a PDF

Outcomes Framework

In January 2022, both Cabinets agreed to adopt an Outcomes Framework. The purpose of this Framework is to achieve a 'golden thread' between:

  • our strategic priorities and their progress within the parameters of our Joint Corporate Plan, with
  • a new performance management approach for the Councils - that considers business planning and risk reporting

Overall, the Framework will make sure that we can both show and measure the impact of our Joint Corporate Plan to residents, communities and businesses.

Read the Babergh Cabinet agenda on Monday 10 January 2022

Read the Mid Suffolk Cabinet agenda on Monday 10 January 2022

What is the structure of the Outcomes Framework?

The Framework has four tiers. All six strategic priorities have their own Framework. 

The tiers of the Outcomes Framework
Tier 1: Vision Our vision is 'great communities with bright and healthy futures that everyone is proud to call home'. This vision remains constant throughout the six Frameworks
Tier 2: Strategic Outcomes The six strategic priorities for Babergh and Mid Suffolk, supported by our long-term 18 strategic outcomes
Tier 3: Our intermediate Outcomes Our short-term outcomes that we want to realise change in over the coming 1-2 years, broken down into 66 outcome statements
Tier 4: Service specific outcomes and outputs These will be formed as a result of the service planning process and our service specific key performance indicator set

At its core, the Framework focusses on our six strategic priorities.

What is the goal of the Outcomes Framework?

The Framework has five strategic objectives to achieve:

  1. Drive the new performance management approach and direction of travel for reporting - which will encourage a culture of performance challenge and improvement
  2. Shift the focus of measurement and reporting away from highlighting activities, outputs and performance indicators, towards outcomes that can demonstrate the impact of our strategies, policies and plans instead
  3. Improve the link (the 'golden thread') between our Joint Corporate Plan, our six strategic priorities, service plans and individual plans, so that everyone understands how they contribute to our Vision
  4. Improve value for money by focusing our spend around our agreed outcomes
  5. Enhance partnership working, through common outcomes and a shared understanding of priorities

Tiers 1 and 2 of the Framework contain the outcomes that will be achieved by 2027.

Babergh Mid Suffolk Outcomes Framework Tiers 1 and 2 image

Download our Outcomes Framework (Tiers 1 and 2) as a PDF

Tier 3 contains our 66 one to two year outcomes, which fall under our six strategic priorities.

Performance reporting

Risk Management

Corporate Peer Challenge

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