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Glass collection service

The Councils offers businesses a service that collects waste glass for recycling rather than allowing it to join general waste that is disposed of at the Energy-from-Waste plant at Great Blakenham. New collection vehicles are operating across the districts, offering the service to any business that disposes of a large amount of glass with its general waste.

Dedicated wheeled bins, with 240 litre capacity, are provided to businesses to make the glass collection as easy and efficient as possible. This service ensures that more glass is recycled and that more businesses can dispose of their waste in a green manner while keeping their costs low.

Although the service is aimed primarily at high glass use businesses in the hospitality sector, such as pubs, food serving enterprises and wedding venues, it is available to any business that disposes of large amounts of glass. The service can be purchased independently of the established Business waste collection service. Existing Business clients can add glass collection to their subscription.

The service is also available for one-off events that have to dispose of a large quantity of bottles and jars.

By offering a dedicated Business Glass Collection Service the councils aim to reduce waste costs for local businesses. It will help their economic growth and profitability while also increasing recycling across the districts.

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