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Our Services

Your Responsibilities

Under Section 34 of the Environmental Protection Act 1990, all businesses have a duty of care for the storage and disposal of their waste. Business rates do not cover businesses for any recycling or waste collections. It is the businesses owners responsibility to manage all of the waste the business produces.

For more information on your duty of care as a business, view our information booklet 'Disposing of Waste from your Business'.

What can we offer you?

Babergh and Mid Suffolk District Councils are working together to provide a joint service for the collection of business waste and recycling.

We offer collections of general business waste and a dedicated glass service, as well as a separate collection service for dry mixed recyclables.

  • A local service from a trusted provider
  • Clear and transparent charging structure with prices adjusted annually
  • Flexible waste collections (weekly, fortnightly or monthly collections) with a choice of bin sizes
  • General business refuse collections / collection of mixed dry recyclables and / or glass
  • No lengthy or complicated contract tie-ins
  • Advice and assistance on compliance with waste legislation
  • Access to friendly dedicated officers who will respond quickly and professionally to your requests

Bin Sizes Available

There are four different sizes of wheeled business bins available.

  • 240L Wheeled Bin: Height 1080mm, Width 590mm, Depth 740mm (3 sacks)
  • 360L Wheeled Bin: Height 1090mm, Width 6250mm, Depth 860mm (5 sacks)
  • 660L Wheeled Bin: Height 1250mm, Width 1200mm, Depth 700mm (10 sacks)
  • 1100L Wheeled Bin: Height 1380mm, Width 1270mm, Depth 1000mm (13 sacks)


We offer set prices which are agreed and fixed annually in April. There is a substantial discount available for customers with more than one bin for each type of waste.

Request a business waste quote online

Alternatively, if you prefer to phone:

Terms and Conditions

There are Terms and Conditions that must be followed for customers who use the Business Waste scheme.

Waste and Recycling Bins for One-Off Events

We can provide one-off waste and recycling collections (including glass) for large events. Please contact us so we can find out more details about your event to see what we can do to support it. Email theĀ Recycling Team.