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Covid-19 collection changes

We are working hard to continue with the collection schedule, despite the COVID-19 outbreak.

Check for any local collection delays

Face masks, personal protective equipment (PPE) and lateral flow devices

Dispose of single use face masks, PPE and lateral flow devices by placing them in a secure bag.

Put your bag inside your refuse (general rubbish) bin for collection as normal.

Do not put this type of waste into your recycling bin.

How to get rid of your waste if you are self-isolating

You may be self-isolating because you have COVID-19, or simply as a precaution.

To avoid spreading the virus, please follow these steps:

  1. Put personal waste such as face masks and used tissues into a bag
  2. Put your bag inside another bag (for safety) and tie it up
  3. Keep your bag separate from other waste for 72 hours
  4. Put your bag inside your refuse bin for collection as normal