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Bin collection advice

Before we can empty your bin, please make sure that:

  • you check what should go in your bins. If a bin contains unacceptable items, it will not be emptied
  • the bin is put out by 6.30am (or left out the night before) on your collection day
  • the bin is clearly visible at the edge of your property, at the point nearest to the public highway (unless we have agreed otherwise)
  • the bin lid is firmly closed
  • the bin is not too heavy, so it can be easily moved
  • items are not lodged or stuck in the bin - contents must be able to fall out when the bin is lifted upside down
  • your bin is labelled with your property number or name, to make identification easier

If your bin is too full or an item is too big to fit in, find out how you can dispose of additional waste.

Once emptied, the bin must be taken back inside your property's boundary by 7.00pm on your collection day (unless the collection has been delayed or we have specified otherwise).

Please note that we will only empty authorised Babergh and Mid Suffolk District Council bins that we have issued to the address.

It is also important to keep your bin clean in between collections.

Thank you very much for your cooperation and understanding.