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Dog and litter bins

There are around 2000 dog waste and litter bins throughout Babergh and Mid Suffolk.

Most of these are provided by town and parish councils, and emptied by the district council(s).

We work alongside town and parish councils to help control the levels of dog fouling and littering. 

Bins in town centres are usually emptied daily. Bins in rural locations and play areas are emptied weekly.

Bins in parks, play areas or on private land are the responsibility of the respective land owner or manager.

Request a new bin

You will need to contact your local town/parish council, land owner or manager, to request new litter or dog waste bins in your area.

You will also need to do this to request the removal or relocation of an existing bin.

Report a full or overflowing bin

Report a full or overflowing bin

Dog fouling

Visit our Dog fouling webpage for more information.