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My bin is damaged or missing


Damaged bins

If your bin is damaged, including a broken lid or missing wheel, we can arrange for the bin to be repaired, or provide a replacement if required.

Once reported, we'll contact you to let you know when to put it out for repair, and if possible, continue to use the bin.

Report a damaged bin


Missing bins

If your bin has not been returned after a collection, please check to see if a neighbour has taken the bin by mistake, or if it has been left elsewhere on the road.

We recommend you clearly label your bin with the house name or number.

Please note that in some circumstances there may be a charge of £33.50 to replace a missing general rubbish (refuse) bin.

Report a missing bin or order a replacement

All replacement bins will be clean and serviceable, but we can't guarantee they'll be new.

No longer need your replacement? Please contact our waste team to cancel and refund your order