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New home or moving house?


Newly built properties

A set of domestic bins costs £55.50, this consists of a refuse and a recycling bin. 

We cannot guarantee that the bins will be new, but they will be clean and serviceable.

Apply for a set of bins online (Mid Suffolk district)
Apply for a set of bins online (Babergh district)


What happens if I move house?

When you move house, please leave your refuse and recycling bins at the property. They are registered to the address, not to you as an individual.

If you are moving to another address within Babergh and Mid Suffolk, you can take your brown bin with you, but let us know your new address, so we can transfer the collection service.

Change of Address for Waste Services form

If you are moving outside Babergh and Mid Suffolk, let us know, so we can collect your brown bin and cancel your subscription.