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My waste hasn't been collected

Find delays in your area via these quick links:

We currently have delays in the following areas, please leave your waste at the regular collection point and we'll collect it as soon as possible:

Garden Waste (Brown Bins)


  • Sproughton (To be cleared on Monday)
  • Burstall (To be cleared on Monday)
  • Hintlesham (To be cleared on Monday)
  • Pinewood (To be cleared on Monday)
  • Chattisham (To be cleared on Monday)
  • Assington (To be cleared on Monday)
  • Leavenheath (To be cleared on Monday)

Mid Suffolk

  • Cedars Park Estate, Stowmarket (To be cleared on Monday)



  • Wagstaff Close, Holbrook (Access Issues)

Mid Suffolk

  • The Street, Bedingfield (Roadworks)
  • Priory Close, Stradbroke (Parked Cars)
  • Brambling Close, Stowmarket (Parked Cars)



  • Abbott Way and Wagstaff Close, Holbrook (Access Issues)

Mid Suffolk:

  • Lancaster Way, Claydon (Parked Cars)
  • Norwich Road, Stonham Parva (Roadworks)
  • The Green, Wickham Skeith (Roadworks)
  • The Entry, Wickham Skeith (Roadworks)
  • Sandy Close, Great Blakenham (Parked Cars)
  • St Marys Road, Creeting St Mary (Parked Cars)
  • Woolmers Close, Stowmarket (Parked Cars)
  • Somersham and Little Blakenham (To be cleared Monday)





  • Service up to date.

Mid Suffolk:

  • Service up to date.



  • Service up to date

Mid Suffolk:

  • Service up to date.



  • Service up to date.

Mid Suffolk:

  • Service up to date.

Reporting missed waste collections

Any missed collection must be reported within 2 working days (not including weekends or bank/public holidays).

Report a missed collection

What you can do to avoid unnecessary missed collections

Please ensure that:

The correct bin or sack is presented at the edge of your property by 06:30 on collection day.

All waste is contained within a council branded bin (with the lid firmly shut) or in authorised council sacks (NO black bags!).

Waste is not contaminated (e.g. glass, food or bagged waste in the recycling bin/sacks or garden waste in the refuse bin/sacks).

Further information about what can go in your bins and sacks

Unsure of when we collect your waste? Check our collection calendars

Common issues affecting collections

  • Roadworks
  • Obstructive parking of vehicles
  • Vehicle breakdowns
  • Severe weather

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