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Civil Parking Enforcement

Civil parking enforcement (CPE) powers in Suffolk moved from the police, to Suffolk County Council, on 6 April 2020. This was done with the aim of decreasing unlawful parking 

These powers have been passed down to district and borough authorities to enforce in their own areas. In Ipswich, this system has been in operation since 2005.

What is CPE?

CPE gives local authorities the power to enforce against illegal parking based on existing traffic regulations. This is with the aim of promoting better and safer parking.

This process means illegal parking becomes a civil offence.

It applies to both:

  • on-street parking (roads and highways)
  • off-street parking (public car parks run by the local authority)

Bad parking can impact local areas, delaying services such as waste collections.

Read more information about parking and no waiting restrictions in Suffolk

CPE plays an important role in keeping our roads safe. It keeps roads clear for priority vehicles like ambulances, police cars, fire engines, as well as waste trucks and other road traffic. It ensures that all traffic can move easily and avoid delays. In some cases, this could save someone’s life.

Proposed changes to traffic regulation orders

It has been necessary to make some minor technical changes to the existing traffic regulation orders. This is due to the introduction of CPE in April 2020.

Any objections and representations relating to the proposed order(s) may be made within 21 days from Wednesday 25 August 2021. Objections must be made in writing and must state the grounds of the objection.

Objections can be sent to Babergh and Mid Suffolk District Councils, 8 Russell Road, Endeavour House, Ipswich IP1 2BX

You can also send objections via email. Email

The proposed orders (alongside the existing orders) can be accessed via the links below:

Babergh's existing traffic regulation order

Mid Suffolk's existing traffic regulation order

Babergh's proposed traffic regulation order

Mid Suffolk's proposed traffic regulation order

What are the benefits of CPE?

Benefits of CPE include:
•    greater powers are given to local parking management, which helps keep traffic moving
•    district and borough councils are empowered to make local decisions - alongside town and parish councils - on parking to suit their constituents and circumstances
•    irresponsible and nuisance parking are tackled - which supports pedestrians, vulnerable road users, public transport services, drivers and emergency services
•    parking fines will be spent in Suffolk, which means that local towns and parishes can benefit from improved local infrastructure
•    new jobs will be created in the county to support parking management, patrols and enforcement

How will it be managed in my area?

In Babergh and Mid Suffolk, Ipswich Borough and West Suffolk Councils will manage CPE on our behalf.

To give a rough idea of boundaries, Hadleigh, Shotley and Needham Market will be managed by Ipswich Borough Council.

Sudbury, Stowmarket and Eye will be managed by West Suffolk Council.

Check which council covers where you live

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Further guidance

You can apply for a season ticket for our car parks online

 Visit the Parking section of our website for more information about parking in Babergh and Mid Suffolk.