We maintain the grass, planted areas, shrubs, hedges and trees on land that we own. We also cut some grass verges, in urban areas, on behalf of Suffolk County Council.

Please note that we are not responsible for the maintenance of rural highway verges. These are maintained by Suffolk Highways

We review our grounds maintenance service and schedules regularly, to make sure are continuing to provide a high quality, cost-effective service.

Which services do we provide?

  • Grass cutting
  • Pruning and caring for trees, to keep them healthy and in safe condition
  • Maintenance of planted areas and hedges
  • Maintenance of play areas and open spaces (this includes collecting litter, and emptying litter bins

How you can help us

If you notice a grounds maintenance issue in your area, please report it to us.

If you witness any vandalism, or antisocial behaviour, please contact us. However, please inform the police first (phone Suffolk Police using 101).

If you see anyone digging near our trees (especially with a mechanical digger), please email public.realm@baberghmidsuffolk.gov.uk

Report a grounds maintenance issue

You can report a grounds maintenance via our online form.

Before you make a report, please be aware that the area may one of those where we are introducing wildflowers, to encourage wildlife in our district.

Report a grounds maintenance issue

Please note that we can not investigate anonymous reports.


Potholes need to be reported to Suffolk Highways:

Report a pothole