Please wait until 5.30pm on your collection day to report a missed collection.

We collect more than 100,000 bins across the districts every week.

Sometimes, collections can be delayed by reasons outside of our control. Examples include; roadworks, breakdowns, crew sickness, severe weather, or parked vehicles preventing safe access.

Delayed collections

The table below details any current known delays to our collection service. We update this table every working day.

If your road is listed, it means we are already aware that you haven't had a collection. Therefore, please do not report a missed collection. Instead, continue to leave your bin out. We will empty it as soon as possible.

Type of collection Status/delays
Refuse (general rubbish)

Service up to date


Forge Close - Palgrave (Parked Vehicle)

Ashbocking Road - Hemingstone
Ashfield Road - Elmswell
Barbauld Close - Palgrave
Barham Green - Barham
Bells Cross Road - Barham
Bowyer Close - Barham
Brome Road - Stuston
Brook Farm Road - Langham
Bulls Road - Hemingstone
Cedar Walk - Needham Market
Chestnut Close - Stowupland
Church Farm Close - Palgrave
Church Lane - Barham
Church Lane - Claydon
Church Lane - Hemingstone
Church Road - Ashbocking
Clarke Close - Palgrave
Clay Lane - Hemingstone
Coleman Close - Palgrave
Common Hill - Palgrave
De Saumarez Drive - Barham
Dove House Place - Elmswell
Draycott Rise - Palgrave
Gassock Drive - Palgrave
Hall Farm Bungalows - Barham
Hardings Lane - Norton
Hare And Hounds Corner - Hemingstone
Hawk End Lane - Elmswell
Hawthorn Close - Stowupland
Hemingstone Road - Ashbocking
Hibbard Road - Bramford
Highlands Close - Needham Market
Hillcrest Approach - Bramford
Hilling Gardens - Palgrave
Hornbeam Road - Stowupland
Hurstlea Court - Needham Market
Jackson Place - Barham
Langham Road - Badwell Ash
Langham Road - Hunston
Langton Green - Eye
Limes Avenue - Bramford
Lion Road - Palgrave
Loraine Way - Bramford
Lower Crescent - Barham
Lower Rose Lane - Palgrave
Main Road - Hemingstone
Main Road - Henley
Main Road - Nettlestead
Maple Grove - Barham
Maple Road - Stowupland
Martyn Close - Palgrave
Norton Road - Great Ashfield
Norwich Road - Barham
Norwich Road - Claydon
Oak Road - Stowupland
Old Norwich Road - Coddenham
Paper Mill Lane - Claydon
Parnell Lane - Elmswell
Pesthouse Lane - Barham
Priory Close - Palgrave
Priory Road - Palgrave
Queech Place - Barham
Queech Wood Close - Barham
Ravens Lane - Bramford
Rectory Lane - Stuston
Rede Lane - Barham
Road To Properties Surrounding Hall Farm - Langham
Rose Lane - Elmswell
Rose Lane Close - Palgrave
Sharmford Meadows - Coddenham
Shrubland Close - Barham
Sorrel Close - Barham
Stock Hill - Langham
Stud Road - Langham
Sturgeon Way - Barham
Stuston Lane - Stuston
Sycamore Close - Palgrave
Sycamore Road - Stowupland
The Common - Little Blakenham
The Common - Stuston
The Crescent - Barham
The Green - Palgrave
The Slade - Claydon
The Street - Bramford
Thornbush Lane - Bramford
Thurleston Lane - Akenham
Town House Road - Langham
Tye Lane - Bramford
Upper Rose Lane - Palgrave
Walnut Tree Close - Stowupland
Whitton Leyer - Bramford

Delays to recycling collections scheduled for Tuesday 21 May from properties serviced via a smaller collection vehicle.

Garden waste (brown bin)

Potash Lane - Bentley (Road Closed)

Aldous Close - East Bergholt
Alton Hall Lane - Stutton
Askins Road - East Bergholt
Beehive Close - East Bergholt
Cemetery Lane - East Bergholt
Chaplin Road - East Bergholt
Collingwood Fields - East Bergholt
Elm Estate - East Bergholt
Elm Road - East Bergholt
Fiddlers Lane - East Bergholt
Foxhall Close - East Bergholt
Foxhall Fields - East Bergholt
Gaston End - East Bergholt
Gaston Street - East Bergholt
Hadleigh Road - East Bergholt
Hadleigh Road - Holton St Mary
Heath Close - East Bergholt
Heath Road - East Bergholt
Holbrook Road - Stutton
Hop Meadow - East Bergholt
Larksfield Road - Stutton
Moores Lane - East Bergholt
Painters Place - East Bergholt
Pitts End - East Bergholt
Putticks Lane - East Bergholt
Richardsons Road - East Bergholt
Rose Acre - Holton St Mary
Royal Hospital School - Holbrook
School Lane - East Bergholt
Straight Road - East Bergholt
Stubbins Lane - Holton St Mary
The Street - East Bergholt
Whitesfield - East Bergholt

Business waste

Service up to date

Clinical waste

Service up to date


Service up to date

Report a missed collection

We are unable to make a return if:

  • our bin collection advice was not followed. (For example, if you did not put the correct bin out by 6.30am)
  • your bin contained non-accepted items
  • black sacks left by the bin were not taken
  • the bin has been refilled
  • your bin was only partially emptied. Please make sure no items are lodged, or stuck in the bin, so it can be fully emptied next time
Please note that crews will log if there was a reason why they couldn't empty a bin. Dustcart camera footage may be viewed to check if the collection was actually missed, or whether the bin was out, before a return can be made.

Missed collections must be reported to us within two working days of it being missed.

Report a missed collection

Once you've submitted your report, please continue to leave your bin out and we will aim to make a return within five working days.

We will only contact you if we need further information, or the crew recorded a reason as to why the bin was not emptied.

How we use your information

If you would like to know how our Waste Services team use any personal information you provide us, please read our privacy notice.