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Please use our online Simple Search function to search for - and comment on - a current planning application:

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Our interactive mapping service

Our interactive mapping service allows you to view conservation areas, listed buildings, areas liable to flood, tree preservation orders, CIL charging areas, and Council owned land within the district.

Local Listed Building Consent Orders

We are exploring a new way to help listed building owners make their properties more energy-efficient.

A Local Listed Building Consent Order (LLBCO) would allow us to pre-approve certain types of work on listed buildings - which means that individual planning applications won't be needed.

We are holding a consultation about LLBCOs, to understand what listed building owners and residents think. We will use the feedback we receive to fine-tune the conditions of the LLBCO. The consultation is being held from Friday 10 November to Friday 29 December 2023.

Take part in the LLBCO consultation