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Planning Application Search and Comment

Please consider the following points when you make a comment on an application:

  • Your comments will appear online in due course
  • Your address will be made public - but in line with the Data Protection Act, telephone numbers & email addresses will be removed
  • Do not include personal details in your comments
  • Make sure that your comments are relevant and not defamatory or offensive. You remain personally and legally responsible for them
  • We reserve the right to remove from this website an entire comment containing words that are/may be defamatory or offensive
  • Comments have now been increased to a limit of 10,000 characters (this equals roughly 1600 words or 3.5 pages of A4)

We cannot provide planning histories for any site prior to 1974.

Making a planning comment - What are "Material Planning Considerations?"

Please note that we log objections/comments or support letters against one address but the Case Officers take into account all the comments made. If there is a requirement to re-consult due to amended information or plans being received during the application process we would also notify the owner/occupier of the address rather than individuals living at the property otherwise we would be sending duplicate letters.

Due to the limitations of our online system we cannot accurately record the number of comments as we receive them on the website. We do however assure you that all comments are publicly available on our planning pages. Comments made online are visible in the “Comments tab” and comments received by email or post are visible in the “Documents tab”.

We cannot provide you with a personal reply to comments received due to the sheer volume, however all comments will be taken into consideration by the case officer. If you would like further information on what happens to your comments in the event of an appeal please visit our website.

A determination will be made on this application taking into account only material planning considerations.

Such considerations do not normally include the following concerns:

- Loss of a personal view
- Affect upon property values
- Matters dealt with under alternative legislation (such as building control)
- Personal circumstances (unless exceptionally and clearly relevant e.g. provision of facilities for someone with a disability)
- Private issues between neighbours (land/boundary disputes, maintenance, covenants, damage to property, private rights of access)
- Previous breaches of planning control
- Opposition to business competition
- Factual misrepresentation of the proposal

They do normally include considerations in the public interest such as:

- Local, strategic and national Planning Policies and Policies in the Development Plan
- Previous appeal decisions and principles of case law as held through the courts
- Loss of sunlight, daylight, outlook or privacy
- Design, layout and impact upon the character of the surrounding area
- Highway issues; traffic generation, highway safety, vehicular access and parking issues
- Noise or disturbance, smells and fumes
- Capacity of physical infrastructure (public drainage, water systems)
- Deficiencies in social facilities (employment, healthcare, community facilities, school spaces)
- Impact upon heritage assets (listed buildings, conservation areas) or designated landscapes
- Impact upon nature conservation interests, protected species or trees
- Layout, design and density of buildings, their landscaping or means of enclosure

Please note these lists are not exhaustive and are included only for your general information.

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