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National and local validation requirements

For a planning application to be valid, there are statutory and local information requirements that apply to each application type. These are commonly known as the national and local lists.

National requirements apply to all planning applications in England. Local requirements are set by the local planning authority, with regard to local policies and constraints.

Babergh and Mid Suffolk’s local validation lists (including the national validation requirements) were adopted on 23 January 2020. In March 2022, the lists were reviewed - which resulted in some minor revisions.

NOTICE OF CONSULTATION - Friday 09 December 2022


Since our Local Validation List (LVL) was amended in March 2022, it has undergone further revisions.  These revisions are such that a consultation will be required prior to the LVL being adopted.

There are two LVL documents, one for householder applications and one for Minor and Major applications.  The householder LVL is largely unaltered.

For the Minor and Major LVL, some elements have simply been re-drafted with minor errors corrected; however, the following substantive changes are of note:

  • BARN CONVERSIONS - will now require a full site walkover and risk assessment for contamination.
  • ECOLOGICAL SURVEYS – clarification on when these are required, and that SECONDARY surveys must also be submitted as required PRIOR TO VALIDATION.
  • HEALTH IMPACT ASSESSMENT – for schemes of 50+ dwellings.
  • HOUSING MIX INFORMATION – clearly setting out the mix and tenure of market and affordable Housing.
  • AGRICULTURAL LAND ASSESSMENT – For solar PV applications, you will need to declare the agricultural land classification as well as the yield.

The formal consultation process will start on FRIDAY 09 DECEMBER 2022 and finish on FRIDAY 20 JANUARY 2023.

Please forward all comments to planning@baberghmidsuffolk.gov.uk with the subject "LVL Consultation" prior to the closing date.

Please see the draft LVL documents below for reference:

LVL Review 09-12-22 Part 1 - Householders (PDF)

LVL Review 09-12-22 Part 2 - Majors and Minors (PDF)

LVL Review 09-12-22 - Suffolk Health & Wellbeing Checklist for BMSDC (PDF)

Adopted Local Validation Lists (Last updated September 2022)

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