Inspection of Workplaces

Why are premises inspected?

The Health and Safety at Work etc Act 1974 and Regulations made under it are in place to protect people at work, and others who may be affected by work activities.

Enforcement officers inspect a wide variety of premises where work activities occur to check that employers and the self-employed are complying with the relevant legislation.

What to expect when a health and safety inspector calls

Officers have the right to enter premises at any reasonable time and most inspections are carried out without appointments. All enforcement officers carry photo identification.

Officers will discuss the health and safety issues related to the type of business with the proprietor/manager of the business and Union or other staff representatives.

Officers will inform the responsible person(s) of any action they are required to take to meet their legal duties, and offer advice on good practice. Where necessary, officers can serve formal enforcement notices requiring action to be taken to resolve an issue (Improvement Notice), or stop an activity if there is risk of serious personal injury (Prohibition Notice).

Read guidance from the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) about what to expect if a health and safety inspector calls 

How to complain about regulatory advice/service

Complaints about regulatory advice - information from the HSE