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Independent Living Service

Babergh and Mid Suffolk's Independent Living Service (ILS) aims to encourage independence at home, by providing a supportive network across the county.

The ILS will focus on creating a suitable home environment for our vulnerable residents, their families and carers. This includes listening to people and offering guidance on financial support, adaptations and relocation assistance.

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Independent Living Service

The ILS provides advice, support and financial help to people living in the private sector.

The ILS will: 

  • provide expert advice
  • deliver effective solutions at a reasonable cost
  • work with other professionals and services to provide a fully rounded service
  • make sure safety is at the heart of the services we deliver
  • keep our customers engaged and informed throughout the process
  • improve the quality of life and independence
  • review how we work, to continuously improve
  • work with residents to identify the best adaptations or improvements needs to make your home a warm, safe and secure place to live
  • provide a service that is tailored to your needs
  • guide and support you throughout the whole process

You could receive a Disabled Facilities Grant if you or someone in your household is disabled and changes to your home are needed.

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These changes can include:

  • widening doors and installation of ramps
  • improving access to rooms and facilities (for example, stairlifts or a downstairs bathroom)
  • a level access shower
  • adapting heating or lighting controls to make them easier to use

The grant is subject to: 

  • a needs assessment by an occupational therapist and consultation with social care services
  • a test of income and resources (means test). No means test is applicable when the work is for the benefit of a disabled child
  • the adaptation(s) making the appropriate changes that will allow the vulnerable person to remain at home safely
  • a maximum grant limit of £30,000

Grants can be awarded to those living in owner-occupied or privately rented properties. The Council will carry out adaptations needed in its own properties.

Will I have to make a contribution?

You may have to make a financial contribution towards the cost of the works, following a means test.

If the cost of works is less than the required contribution, no grant will be awarded. However, you may continue with the process, in case further works are needed in future.

If the cost of the works is more than the required contribution, the amount of money granted will be calculated by deducting the cost of the works from your required contribution.

If you do not need to contribute, you will receive a grant for the full cost of the eligible works. The maximum amount that can be awarded is £30,000.

If you or your partner has a registered (or able to be registered as) disability and are in receipt of any of the following, no contribution is required:

  • income-based Employment and Support Allowance
  • Universal Credit
  • Pension guarantee credit
  • Housing benefit
  • Tax credits with an income of less than £15,050
  • income-based Jobseeker's Allowance

How we can help you

Our advice and support services are designed to help you live safely and independently in your home. They include:

  • helping you to apply for the right grant for your needs
  • support in completing application forms and providing financial evidence
  • working with occupational therapists to ensure the suitable works are carried out to meet your needs
  • referring work to our approved list of building contractors
  • supervising the work while it is being carried out to ensure it is completed to a satisfactory standard
  • referring you to agencies to help you access welfare benefits, concessions or other support or advocacy services
  • looking at alternative housing options if you need to consider moving to more suitable accommodation
Meet the ILS team

Who is the service for?

The service is for residents who:

  • live in Babergh or Mid Suffolk
  • have a registered (or able to be registered as) disability
  • own a home or rent from a private landlord

If you are a Council or housing association tenant, contact your Housing Officer for help and advice on how you can remain safely in your home or consider alternative accommodation.

How do I apply?

Contact Suffolk County Council's ILS. Read more information about Suffolk County Council's ILS

Email the Independent Living Service

Call 0800 121 7711 for an assessment by therapy staff.


Minor adaptation grants

The council also offers minor adaptation grants for minor alterations to be made to support individuals, families and carers dealing with the challenges of looking after someone living at home, with a long-term health condition.

Find more information on Minor Adaptations Grants


If you are a Council tenant, please contact the Babergh and Mid Suffolk Property Service Team


Housing Assistance Policy

Our Housing Assistance Policy offers assistance to disabled residents to improve accessibility and suitability of their accommodation.

The key objectives of the Housing Assistance Policy are:

  • To enable residents to remain living independently in their own home
  • To help prevent hospital, care home or residential home admissions
  • To facilitate the prompt discharge of residents from hospital
  • To prevent the need for increased expenditure elsewhere in the ‘Suffolk System’, including Health and Social Care

Read more information about our housing assistance policy


If you have any further questions, please read our FAQs.