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This is the apply for it page where you can apply for most of our services.

Additional bedroom for overnight carer/s

Backdating request 

Change of room in the same hostel (For hostel providers only)

Child care costs (To be printed and passed to the provider for completion)

Claim form

Change in Circumstances 

Consent to discuss Housing Benefit / Council Tax Reduction (Must be printed and signed by the customer)

Discretionary Housing Payment form 

Discretionary Housing Payment form - Moving costs 

Earnings certificate (To be printed and passed to your employer for completion)

ECTR1 - Application for Council Tax Reduction only for use when specifically advised by a Council Officer

Evidence Submission form 

Extra room allowance for a disabled person

First night form 

Hostel resident claim form (For hostel providers only)

Housing Benefit or Council Tax Reduction 

Nil income statement form

Overlap form - benefit on two homes

Persons from Abroad form

Rent proof form (To be printed and completed by the Landlord, ONLY where no formal written agreement exists)

Review form 

Second property form (LA1)

Self-employed earnings form 

Age 18 proforma

Building Control & Street Naming and Numbering

Building regulation application

Building regulation fee quotation

Change to or Additional Sign application

Property Name Change Application (SNN)

New Development Application (SNN)


Animal boarding establishments 

Approved food business

Application for a premises licence

Apply for license to drive a hackney carriage

Application Form for Gaming Machine Permit

Cooling Towers

Charitable House to House Collections

Charitable Street Collections

Dangerous Wild Animals

Dog Breeding Establishments

Food premises registration

Food Business FHRS Re-score request

Food Business Establishment

Licensing large scale temporary events

Massage and special treatment therapist registration

Pet Shops

Register food business

Riding Schools

Safer Food Better Business Packs

Small society lotteries 

Skin Piercing 

Temporary Event Notice

Tattoo, piercing and electrolysis licence



Appeal a parking fine

Season tickets

Better caring



Disabled Living Foundation

Orbit East Care; Repair

Suffolk Age UK

Blue Badge scheme

Nomination for listing as an Asset of Community Value

Council tax

Application for exemption/discounts

Care Review (providing or receiving)

Change of address form - Babergh

Change of address form - Mid Suffolk

Child Benefit & Further Education Review

End your single occupier discount - Babergh

End your single occupier discount - Mid Suffolk

Evidence submission form

No ones Sole or Main Residence Review (furnished)

Resident in Prison Review

Severely Mentally Impaired Review

Single occupier discount form - Babergh

Single occupier discount form - Mid Suffolk

Single Person Discount Review - Babergh

Single Person Discount Review - Mid Suffolk

Student Review


Chimney Height Approval Application


Apply for a garage

Apply for alterations

Assign Your Tenancy

Household Support Fund

Joint Tenancy

Permission to keep a pet

Permission to keep a vehicle, trailer, boat or caravan

Permission to take in a lodger

Permission to work from home

Registering for Gateway to Homechoice

Right to Buy

Terminate your tenancy


Change Listed Building colour

Designate a neighbourhood area

Householder planning application

Listed building planning application

Local land charges search

Planning application search, track and comment

New pre application enquiry

The Council

Apply and pay for a dropped kerb

Freedom of information request form

Waste Services

Assisted collection

Bin upgrade

Brown bin

Bulky item collection

Business waste service

Hazardous waste collection

Medical and clinical collection

Moving in